At the beginning of this month a short video went viral as director, David Lynch, announced that there would be another season of Twin Peaks in 2016, 25 years later since the show’s finale. Now, I realize that this is a bit of an old news. But if you’re a fan of the show like me, having watched the show multiple times, always upset with the ending of season two knowing there was supposed to be another season, it is never too late to discuss.

For those who haven’t watched Twin Peaks here’s a quick synopsis: it centres on the murder of a young teenager, Laura Palmer, and the search to find her murderer lead by FBI agent, Dale Cooper. With each episode all sorts of deep dark secrets of Twin Peaks are unraveled, exposing its citizens leading double lives. Apart from the mystery and the quirky humour, the popular cult show has a strong element of surrealism that may or may not turn off some people from watching. Not to mention the eery soundtrack (which is the one of the best parts of the show) that plays throughout each episode, adds to the supernatural suspense.

I won’t ruin anything but there were so many questions left unanswered with the way the show ended back in 1999 that I certainly cannot wait to get some answers with the upcoming season. Obviously curious to know what happened to all the characters, but mostly concerned with Dale Cooper. Let’s be real here, the way his story ended you cannot help but wonder what happened to him and Annie.