Walking around downtown Vancouver you have most likely stumbled upon posters of popular Hiphop lyrics recreated in beautiful hand-lettered script. When I first saw one of these, my reaction was to look for whatever was being promoted, a product or service – perhaps an event or a concert . For my surprise, I was not being offered anything. This made me realize the impact of consumer culture, making us look for the purpose of everything when sometimes things exist merely to exist. In a world were we are constantly bombarded by publicity in its never ending forms, these lyrics become lovely lulls.

The artist is Mega McGrath, who is currently finishing her undergraduate degree at Emily Carr University under the Communication Design program. I personally have had a few classes with her and didn’t realize she was Street Script’s artist until some time after meeting her. Finding out about this felt like discovering a treasure or solving a mystery. So, What is Mega’s concept behind Street Script?  She likes to “think of it as another form of Hiphop’s great art of ‘sampling’ – the act of taking a portion of something old, and reinventing it into something new […]”.

Whatever future goals Mega’s plans for this project, I am sure we will be seeing more and more of Street Script. Mega has been recently featured in the fourth episode of “Real People of Vancouver” created by Joseph Klymkiw. In this 25 minute episode, you can see Mega’s journey to her first show opening, her inspiration and personal struggles (Find video down below).

Check out some Street Script pieces down below, and make sure to check Mega’s website.