I recently came back from travelling to South East Asia for the first time and visited Singapore and Cambodia–two very contrasting countries that were enjoyable in different ways.

Singapore is a beautiful place. The streets are spotless and clean, and similarly to Canada the population is a bit diverse so you are able to experience eating various ethnic meals at specific districts or enjoy an affordable meal at a hawkers centre. One of the highlights of my stay in Singapore was the night view of the city. It is absolutely breathtaking to spend some time at Marina Bay Sands, enjoy the evening light show, but it doesn’t beat the spectacular view from rooftop bars like 1 Altitude. You certainly feel like you are on top of the world here.

Cambodia, on the other hand, was an eye-opening experience that made me realize how privileged and sheltered I was from the world. Unlike Singapore, there is garbage everywhere. There are little to no driving rules, anything goes, yet somehow the chaos is organized and nobody gets in an accident. Not to mention it is normal to see an entire family of four or five riding one motorbike without any helmet, or handles to hold onto–it amazed me every time. Learning about this country’s past was incredible, from visiting the beautiful temples of Angkor Wat to the horrific genocide at the Killing Fields, you understand how Cambodia came to be and what these people had and still are enduring.

Visiting these two countries that are polar opposite to one another was quite an experience. I will definitely be coming back for more, until next time South East Asia!


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jennifer esseiva
-Jennifer Esseiva

francis curran
-Francis Curran

bernice beltran
-Bernice Beltran