Geoff Mcfetridge is one of the first illustrators that I really fell in love with—his work that is—although he is quite handsome. Being a southern Albertan raised designer I was thrilled to find out that he grew up in Calgary and went to design school at ACAD. You’ve probably seen his work before even if you think you haven’t. He’s been featured in and on many mediums, most recently you can see his illustrations in one of the best films of 2013, Her, by Spike Jones. He has a very distinct style that focuses on mundane subjects and scenes that are slightly off and so intriguing and witty. He recently put up a show in Copenhagen called Meditallucination, featuring 13 of his paintings, some of which you can see below. Visit his website where there are non stop amazing things to watch and look at, and if you’re still jonesing for more you can watch the documentary Beautiful Losers.



Girls Dancing