Marlon Sassy is a name you can’t really forget, and his Gangster Doodles are equally as brilliant as his surname. Using only butter yellow post-it notes and your standard set of five highlighters, the Doodles capture a broad range of ‘Gangsters’ at their finest, and do a fine job of it. What began as a way to pass the time at work has evolved into a published piece of work that can be purchased through Valley Cruise Press (although you’ll have to wait up for Vol 2 to be released, as the first one is all gone). Sassy’s illustrations are just fab and you can check out more doodles at his tumblr. Here’s to hoping that Sassy picks up the forgotten pink post-its and begins the ‘Diva Doodles’ that I’ve been waiting for… Bey and Mariah really need a feature here.

xo – the future Mrs. Daisy Sassy (has a real nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)