Embedded in this fast-paced technology driven world, we are often intrigued by the simplicity of the pre-tech era and moved by the forgotten past. It is this nostalgia that makes us value antiques, for their craft and for the number of untold stories they withhold. Sign making, once considered a trade slowly fading into extinction, is making its way back from the past and growing as a trend. In parts of Vancouver such as Gastown and Main Street, one can observe the reappearance of hand painted signs decorating the sidewalks and of intricate hand lettering embellishing the windows of commercial streets.

Newcomer’s, Dan Climan, sign making style is crisp, adaptable, and reflects qualities that are inclined towards current design standards. Born in Quebec, Climan moved to Vancouver to pursue an education in art at Emily Carr University. He has worked for clients such as “Save On Meats”, in Gastown, where his vector-styled illustrations cover most of the restaurant’s wall. Climan’s style is consistent, using similar saturated tones throughout his pieces, recurrent lettering style and negative space as an integrated element — rather than merely as a background. Another of Climan’s most recent clients is a small convenience store in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong, under the name of “Sunday’s Grocery”. The store’s facade stands out from the rest with its highly saturated tones on a black background. Climan’s use of grid is balanced and simply delightful from a designer’s point of view. He mixes a script lettering with a modern Art-deco rounded sans serif throughout the entire outer and inner building. Climan’s work is reflective of the trending retro-modern design style.

Check down below a few of his pieces, or go to his website for more!