Quick note; this is a super selfish blogpost and I am probably going to get some envious looks for writing this. Too bad. I am excited and I want to share. I am heading back home to the beautiful shores of Aotearoa (which is Maori for land of the long white cloud) – more commonly referred to as Middle Earth or New Zealand.

Wellington – The Capital, and where I am from, has been named “The Coolest Little Capital in the world” by Lonely Planet, and there’s good reason for it. We have more cafes per capita than anywhere else in the world. A 10 minute walk to work in the morning’s would have me passing about 20 independent coffee shops. Don’t get me started on the coffee. Flat White’s are this delicious cappuccino like drink that only Australia and New Zealand does -(I’m sorry the imitations here are worlds apart). The bars are plentiful and the craft beer scene although not as booming as here, is definitely on the rise.  The arts scene is bustling. Theatre and film are fundamental parts of Wellingtonian life. We have a tiny, dense city which takes about 30minutes to walk from one end to the other. It’s basically a trendy village that’s masquerading as a city.

Of course not everything is rainbows and fairy dust. It is the windiest city in the world with gusts frequently hitting over 100km/hr. The weather is moderate and never really gets above 20 degrees. Half of the city was built on reclaimed land. We are constantly in fear of the “Big one” (earthquake) which would annihilatethe city. The only Highway out is built on two fault lines. It’s small which has it’s benefits, but, you don’t always want to literally see the same people every day. And, New Zealand is this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. And you feel it. You feel isolated and disconnected from the world.

With that being said, Wellington will always hold a special place in my heart. As the saying goes “You can’t beat Wellington, on a good day.”

As an homage to Wellington I’ve complied a few images honouring the best she has to offer. I can’t recommend a visit enough.

See you in 24 days,

xx Sandi

Extras for experts; this is a great resource if you are seriously considering a trip (DO IT!)

Some sweet type scuplutures along the waterfront, courtesy of http://www.catherinegriffiths.co.nz/

The view of the city. Like a tiny Vancovuer with hills instead of mountains.

A Len Lye sculpture on our Seawall equivalent. On a nice day.

To contrast a bit. The wind. Nobody bothers with an umbrella.

So proud of Lord of The Rings. This is/was(at least when I left?) a Gollum scuplture in Wellington Airport.

You may be lucky enough to see some wildlife. Brett and Jemaine call Wellington home. And we couldn’t be more proud.

The elusive Flat White, in one of our many trendy hipster cafe institutions. Courtesy of August.

Customs coffee bar. Can’t wait to go back.

The Heart of Wellington.

Some sweet street art around. My friend, Drypnz is one of the most prolific, and in my opinion best.

And last, but not least. Beer. Garage Project are this experimental, awesome craft brewery that I can’t wait to drink more of.