The team here at FAC loveees coffee — So much so that we even have our very own espresso machine!

Having only lived in the city for a few months, I am amazed at the quality of coffee Vancouver has to offer. I grew up on Tim Hortons, and then converted to Starbucks for many years until moving here and trying a cup of coffee from a shop in Gastown. I have never looked back.

Now that I am somewhat of a coffee snob, I have taken it upon myself to branch out and try different coffee shops instead of becoming stuck in the same rut that I was once in. I order the same thing at each shop (a soy mocha) so that I can compare the flavours that are produced at each place. It is amazing the differences in flavours from each coffee shop.

Here’s a list of some of my favourites:


Timbertrain Coffee Roasters 

My personal fav. They truly know how to make a creamy and smooth latte.




High quality coffee for a high end environment.



Milano Espresso Lounge Gastown

It truly is a place to lounge, hang out, and enjoy a cup of coffee.



Prado Cafe

Nothing prepares you for their signature smell of freshly baked goodies and bright coffee.

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