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It’s Biking Season!

I know that Sandi has already written about summer, but I couldn’t be more excited about the sun beaming down into the office! Longer days! Sunlight when we get out of the office! So much more time for activities! Ooh I am just so excited. I feel that there is no better way to get […]

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Oblivion GFX Montage

For every UI designer out there – this project is the STUFF OF DREAMS. Was on, one of our favourite new media sites and fell in love with a feature that showcased an amazing GFX montage for the big hollywood movie, Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. Bradley G Munkowitz aka GMUNK created this amazing, amazing […]

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A few epic panoramas from E3

The E3 Expo was a feast for the senses, so much so that I ended up using the panorama feature on my iphone to get a wider perspective. All of the game manufacturers and publishers put an enormous amount of energy into creating the most focused brand experience possible. The Nintendo booth did an amazing […]

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