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Seylynn Village Sales Centre Opening Weekend

After months of hype the Seylynn Village Sales centre has finally opened in The Lower Lynn on June 8. There were lineups around the block as people waited for the centre to open, all in anticipation of receiving one of the 1000 golden keys being handed out that day (akin to Willy Wonka’s golden tickets) […]

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Brian’s Illustrator Picks: Little Friends of Printmaking

I have nothing but great things to say about this little husband-and-wife design and screenprinting team called Little Friends of Printmaking! These guys have been one of my all time favorite design groups because of their endless supply of quirky and fun illustrations. LFOP has done posters for every band imaginable, from DEVO to Flight […]

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How Hardcore is your Logo?

Chances are it probably isn’t, as catalogued by this blog. The popular design trend of arranging elements around an ubiquitous X is certainly a hard trend to avoid. The X is reminiscent of the symbol of straight edge, which is stemmed from everything 1980’s punk rock. Perhaps even a super modern strip down of the […]

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