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All the Buildings

  In light of a little project we’re working on here at FAC, it seemed an appropriate choice to share the work of James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator currently living in Brooklyn. Stating that, “I feel I should draw everything in the world at least once”, the illustrator takes on the challenge of drawing every […]

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Seylynn Village Sales Centre Opening Weekend

After months of hype the Seylynn Village Sales centre has finally opened in The Lower Lynn on June 8. There were lineups around the block as people waited for the centre to open, all in anticipation of receiving one of the 1000 golden keys being handed out that day (akin to Willy Wonka’s golden tickets) […]

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A beautiful building

I had the pleasure, this evening, of touring the Terminus building in Gastown. The Salient Group has done a wonderful job in collaboration with Acton Ostry Architects, Evoke International, Haebler Construction, and Inform Interiors to produce a harmonious blend of modernity and historicism in Vancouver’s Historic Gastown. Being a resident of Gastown, it’s really nice to see projects like this come to life. I […]

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