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We recently had the opportunity to rebrand the “Deluxe Steam Mop” for our client Ocean Sales Ltd. Our responsibilities included renaming the product, a new look for the brand and subsequent packaging.

Our goal was to tap into what today’s home owner wants in a cleaning product by leveraging the natural and sincere virtues of their mop product.

We began the creative brainstorming phase with the belief that we all want a tool that goes beyond eliminating our tangible, dirty footprints. The steam mop uses only a responsible amount of water and steam to clean the home and kill germs, eliminate the need for potentially harmful chemicals. Combined with an ergonomic, clean design – the mop became a vehicle for living smarter, not harder.

The phrase “Smart Living” allowed the brand to philosophical take the next step beyond an efficient cleaning tool. Aesthetically, we tried to make the brand as accessible as the product itself through a fresher, cleaner and brighter look.

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