The vibrant work of Canadian self-proclaimed ‘visual synthwave artist’ James White caught my eye recently. I actually went out of my way to find more of his work after seeing a piece on Pinterest. This is a rare occurrence for me, especially while sifting through an endless sea of images that more or less all look quite similar. White is a proud 80’s child, as I found out from his Twitter account (@signalnoise) where he proudly displays the fact that he was ‘made in the 80’s.” The visual nature of his work therefore has a strong nostalgic tie, yet feels fresh, while incorporating surrealism and futurism. I was born in 1989 so I was more of a 90’s child, but this trend of bringing back the 80’s aesthetic (‘synthwave’ / ‘neowave’ / whatever you want to call it) has really got me feeling some type of way.

My favourite work of his is the ‘Neowave Series’… which was only available for purchase for a limited time and it’s now sold out *crying* so now I’ve actually contacted him to find out if he will be releasing more… I think my wall will be happy with these on it.







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